Merrill's Alligt a3 (via VMUSA)


VelomobileUSA AAW a3 Owners List

Jan 15, 2013 (updated) - The VelomobileUSA Alligt Alleweder a3 Owners List page.

Alligt Alleweder a3 velomobile kits

Velo # First ride Miles last update Owner email-blog City State
1 Alligt a3 A1 Mo Karimi San Diego CA
2 Alligt a3 (used) A2 Tedd Wheeler Reed City MI
3a Alligt a3 (PA) A3 1/26/2006 3,496 9/8/2006 Fred Ungewitter (sold to Larry Ploetz) web Daytona Beach FL
3b Alligt a3 (PA) A3 2/xx/2008 2,500 10/xx/2009 Larry Ploetz (sold to Mike 'Bobby V') WI
3b Alligt a3 (PA) A3 10/xx/2009 11/xx/2009 Mike 'Bobby V' (sold to Danny Hamilton) Arlington TX
3c Alligt a3 (PA) A3 11/xx/2010 5/xx/2010 Danny Hamilton (sold to Larry Ploetz) Frisco TX
3d Alligt a3 (PA) A3 5/xx/2010 7/xx/2010 Larry Ploetz (sold to Merrill Gay) web WI
3e Alligt a3 (PA) A3 7/xx/2010 Merrill Gay web New Britain CT
4 Alligt AW (used) A4 4/16/09 Jason Goray Stillwater MN

(These Alligt Alleweder a3 velomobiles are also listed on the Alligt page)


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