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Jan 15, 2013 (updated) - The VelomobileUSA Owners List page.

Alligt Alleweder a3 {1-4}, FAW+ {1-100}

Alligt Alleweder a3Alligt Alleweder a3 - Four Alligt kits were sold by VelomobileUSA. For more information on this velomobile see the Alligt pages.

Alligt Alleweder a3   (photo from VelomobileUSA website)

VelomobileUSA FAW+VelomobileUSA FAW+ - The FAW+ is very similar to the Flevobike Alleweder a2 (as it should be as it is an updated, improved version of that velomobile). The FAW+ has addressed some of the shortcomings of the original as well as making it lighter and easier to build.

VelomobileUSA FAW+   (photo from VelomobileUSA website)

VelomobileUSA velomobiles - Total Sold

Year AAW a3 FAW+ Total
2005 2
2006 1
2009 1
2012 4
Year AAW a3 FAW+ Total
4 30

Information taken from the VelomobileUSA website and used with permission.

Header photo: VelomobileUSA FAW+ #30 - Massachusetts (photo from VelomobileUSA website)

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