ROAM (Roll Over AMerica)

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Published on September 17 2013
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ROAM (Roll Over AMerica)

ROAM was a crosscountry trip of velomobiles completed during the summer of 2011.

ROAM was an endevour initially created by Josef Janning of Germany. His plan was to develop a crosscountry journey for European velomobile pilots with one goal of promoting velomobile use in the USA. Shortly after he created the plan, he also invited US velomobile pilots to join in with their European brothers (and sisters).

There was a very nice ROAM website online for reference, but due to unforseen problems it has disappeared from the net (and from Josef's computer due to additional problems). There are scattered ROAM resources that still exist around the web, but nothing that is all encompassing. Josef created a iBook (also available as a pdf file) of the trip [that I will link to in the near future].

I will add as much information as I can dig up to this website as ROAM, and the loss of it from the web (as well as the disappearance of the original site) were the impertus for the creation of this website.


Anyone with information, maps, pictures, videos, etc. of ROAM is encouraged to send the information to me so that I can add it to the site. Initial contact is best done via the Velo-Circus Forum and we can exchange emails directly afterwards.