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Published on February 19 2013
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Homebuilt Velos - Fiberglass

Feb 16, 2013 - The Homebuilt Velomobiles - Fiberglass list page.


Fiberglass projects

David Bevilacqua has built the (Gloriosa Valentina) and lives in Florianapolis, Brazil, although he is apparently from Uruguay. His Spanish or Portuguese (not sure which) language velomobile website is at: TriDavid

Reg Rodaro has been perfecting his (Stormy Weather) velomobile for a number of years. There are a number of different copies of it being ridden around by different people, but it has never really been marketed for sale (although you can buy one). Reg is located in Ontario, Canada and is an active, but quiet builder. RegRodaro.

Rick Wianecki is an experienced bicycle craftsman in Michigan, having produced a number of streamliners and other unique cycles over the years. His personal velomobile project is well documented with the rest of the WISIL projects at: WISIL. There is also a forum thread that follows the build at recumbents.com at: Thread.

Bob Stuart is one of the people who helped bring recumbent bicycles to some popular attention in the late 1970s with his cross-country rides on various recumbent bikes. His (Car-Cycle) is an extension of his desire to bring appropriate transportation to the awareness of the public. He has one short page about this velomobile concept on his website at: Microship.

Larry Bowden is another builder located in Ontario, Canada. He seems to specialize in building trikes although he did do this effective velomobile. His website is at: Bowden.

Rudy Rooth is a builder located in the Netherlands. His website has about 6 pages dedicated to his velomobile project, but it is in Dutch. You can (try to) read it at: RudyRooth.

Theis Westergaard is a builder in Norway. His website has a few pages on the building of two velomobiles, the prototype and his final copy. It seems that he may be intending future production, but since everything is in Norwegian I'm not entirely sure of his plans. See it at: Sagitta.

The Berkut (B-317) was a prototype of which it seems very few were produced. Berkut was a Russian-based operation that produced very interesting front-wheel-drive trikes. Further information on the Berkut is very sparse.

Miles Kingsbury (the well-known British builder of record setting speed bicycles) built the (Quattro) for racing use, but decided to use it to cross the US with the ROAM group in 2011. The very unique 4-wheel, front-wheel-drive velomobile had some teething issues on the trip (it had less than 100 miles of testing before it left on the trip), but it proved itself to be more than just a racing bike. It is an interesting concept that will hopefully see further development in the future. Miles has a website forthe Quattro as well as some of his other creations at: Quattro.

Velocity Velos sells the shell of the (Aerocruiser) as part of a kit that you can install on your own trike, as well as selling it as a fully assembled velomobile. (see the Current Velomobile section to find more information about the VelocityVelos Aerocruiser). Also look at their website at: VelocityVelos.

Velomobiles.ca sells the (Borealis) as a shell that installs on your ICE trike. (see the Current Velomobile section for more information on the Velomobiles.ca Borealis). There have been 3 versions of the Borealis so far. See them at: Velomobiles.ca