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Published on February 20 2013
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Homebuilt Velos - Plastic (coroplast)

Feb 16, 2013 - The Homebuilt Velomobiles - Plastic (coroplast) list page.


Plastic (coroplast, correx) projects

Lee Wakefield's (Red Zeppelin) velomobile was one of the first really good looking practical coroplast velomobiles. It is still a wonderful looking velomobile although Lee has now moved on to ownership of a modified Milan SL. The Red Zeppelin velomobile has almost entirely dissappeared from the web.

Dan's first Liberty Velomobiles project, the (SUV), can be found on his website: Ev-Liberty.

Jeff-o's (Facet 1) velomobile is a very distinctive velomobile built in Kitchener, Ontario from the drawings developed by Fietser.be for a easily buildable velomobile. His entire velomobile project can be seen at the Indestructables website.

Glenn Thyrion's velomobile has no associated website that I have yet found.

Merrill Gay's original velomobile can be seen on his website along with his current velomobile, an Alligt Alleweder a3 at: CarFreeChallenge.

The Trike Trek adventure produced two velomobiles that went from Chicago to Colorado during the summer of 2011. Their main webpage is located at: TrikeTrek.

Velonautix is still developing his velomobile, but I feel that it has the backing of a significant enough person, Mick Sims (ex-Greenspeed), to mention it here as a "watch this space" kind of notice. The VeloNautix Facebook site seems a bit dated, so maybe Mick has been too busy to work on it much at: VeloNautix.