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Jan 15, 2013 - The Aerocruiser is best described as being a "body-on-frame" design. In the Aerocruiser's design this means that it is not fully optimized for speed (as the velomobile shell must fit over an existing trike). The Aerocruiser is unique in the "body-on-frame" velomobile category for being a marriage of both a pre-existing trike and a pre-existing shell design. The shell was originally designed as an Electrathon racer body and Taylor cleverly adapted it to fit a TerraTrike tricycle.

The Aerocruiser has a 1970's version of space age future about it's appearance. A bit sharp cornered compared to most velomobile designs, but it functions well enough on the road and is a viable product for daily use in the city. Taylor has electrified some of the Aerocruisers and he himself has ridden across the US while being electrically assisted, so he knows what he is doing.

VelocityVelos Aerocruiser Space Shuttle VelocityVelos Aerocruiser Space Shuttle  (photo from VelocityVelos website)

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Header photo: Velocity Velos Aerocruiser - Pennsylvania (photo from Velocity Velos website)

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